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Exporting Survey Data

Posted 4 years ago by salik nur

A new version of iSurveyThis is now available in the App Store. This release gives you the ability to export the raw survey data. The data is exported by generating a comma-separated (CSV) file which can be emailed out and easily opened in Excel or any other software of your choice.

This post explains the format of the generated CSV file. The column headers are created as follows:

For the comments box and single-select multiple choice questions:
The text of the question is used as the column header. The contents of each cell in the column will contain the survey responses.

For the ranking and multi-select multiple choice questions:
The column header uses the following format: “question text:choice”.

For example, for a multi-select multiple choice question, if the survey question is “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” and the choices are: “Mango, Chocolate, Strawberry”, the app will generate the following three column headers: “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?:Mango”, “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?:Chocolate”, “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?:Strawberry”. The contents of each cell in a column will be that choice if it was selected by the user, otherwise it will be blank.

In the case of ranking questions the column headers are generated using the same format, but each cell in a column will contain the ranking that the user chose for each available choice.

If you have any questions, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.
Thanks and happy surveying!

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