Do you conduct surveys in person? Or over the phone? iSurveyThis is an iOS app that enables you to create, conduct, and summarize surveys directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Doing surveys has never been this easy.


Create your surveys using any of the following supported question types:

  • Comments box
    • This creates a text box for typing in answers in free-form text.
    • Answers get reported inside a table, presented in random order.
  • Multiple choice question
    • Give your respondents a list of potential choices and ask them to make a selection. You decide whether they can select only one choice or multiple.
    • Answers are tabulated with two calculations displayed for each choice:
      1. Count showing the number of times a choice is selected
      2. Percent showing the count divided by the total responses collected
  • Ranking question
    • Use this to ask your respondents to rank a given set of choices.
    • The results are displayed in a table with the choices arranged in descending order of rank, with a cumulative weight*.

      *The cumulative weight is constructed as follows: each choice is assigned a weight based on the total number of choices and the position at which a choice is ranked by each respondent. For example, if a question has 4 choices, each respondent’s highest rank is weighted 4 and the lowest rank is weighted 1. These weights are then added across respondents to come up with the cumulative weight.

Plus, work on lots of exciting new features currently underway!


iSurveyThis relies on standard iOS buttons making the app extremely easy to use and understand. It also utilizes the following custom icons:

For designing your survey.
For entering survey data.
For generating survey results.


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Exporting Survey Data


4 years ago

A new version of iSurveyThis is now available in the App Store. This release gives you the ability to export the raw survey data. The data is exported by generating a comma-separated (CSV) file which can be emailed out and … Continue reading


  1. How do I change the order of a question in my survey?
    Hold your finger on top of the question for a few seconds and drag it to the desired position.
  2. How do I edit an existing survey question?
    This one is really easy — just double tap on the question and voila, you’re in edit mode!
  3. How do I remove a question from a survey?
    Simply swipe your finger to the right over the question and you’ll see a remove button. Tap on that button and watch the magic.
  4. How do I permanently remove an existing survey?
    You remove a survey the same way as you remove a question — swipe your finger to the right over the survey and tap on the remove button.
  5. If I change my mind how do I remove the remove button from a question/survey? Does that even make sense?
    Yes, makes perfect sense! It’s real simple: swipe your finger to the left over the question/survey and make the remove button vanish. For best results do it in slowmo — ha, just kidding!


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